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The Last Post (probably!)

The bikes are in the shed, the limbs are recovering, minds are already racing on towards the new term, the next holidays and beyond. It is amazing to think that it is only just over 48 hours since we reached Land's End, but elements of the trip already seem a distant memory. It is therefore right to wrap up the blog, but before doing so Izzy and I wanted to share some of the stats and highlights from the trip.

The final stats are quite impressive:

1021.71 miles cycled through 10 English and 16 Scottish counties

An average of 44.42 miles cycled per day for 23 days

22,208m climbed during the ride, which is roughly the equivalent of cycling from the deepest point on the planet (Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench) to the peak of Mount Everest plus cycling up Ben Nevis and Snowdon for good measure.

1 puncture, 2 new inner tubes & 10 or so chain issues

6 tumbles, stumbles or collisions with each other (all minor, with no major injuries)

Numerous laughs, impressions and fun times.

Best and worst

I asked Izzy to nominate her 5 favourite places and 3 least favourite. I've added mine in too:

Izzy's Least Favourite (in ascending order):

3. Manchester (rain, traffic, overgrown and muddy cycle paths)

2. The Malvern Hills (the toughest single climb of the trip)

1. Telford (no explanation needed....see days 15 & 16)

Jonty's Least Favourite

3. Having a can of Irn Bru thrown out of a car travelling at 60mph at me

2. The first 5 miles of the A30 out of Penzance (too many inconsiderate drivers)

1. Telford (see above)

Izzy's Favourite Places:

5. Thurso (wonderful sand dunes and very cold sea!)

4. The Clifton Downs and Clifton Suspension Bridge

3. Gloucester (a fabulous run from Worcester and seeing Izzy's oldest friend, Clova)

2. The Road to Moffat (stunning views, a long but fun climb and a thrilling descent)

1. Struie Hill, near Inverness - not only a wonderful climb but the source of amusement for the rest of the trip too.

The view from Struie Hill

Jonty's Favourite Places:

5. The views of Cornwall from the road out of Four Lanes on our final day

4. Cycling along the River Tay

3. The road from Altnaharra to the Crask Inn (proper Highland Scotland)

2. The Trough of Bowland (somewhere totally new to me and utterly stunning)

1. The A71 to Moffat (see above)

Climbing to Moffat with Uncle Nick

And a final thank you: thank you Izzy for having the dream to undertake this madcap adventure; for all your impressions, accents, fun and silliness along the way, and for having the resilience and determination to complete the journey.

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