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It couldn't have been done without your help!

Written by Heidi

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person. He believed in me. Jon Valvano.

From the moment Isabella announced, ‘I would like to cycle from John O’Groats to Land’s End’ there was never any doubt that she would complete this epic cycle ride given her determination, resilience and slightly ‘bonkers’ approach to all that she does. However the gold medal for organisation, calmness and selflessness must be given to her superhero of a Dad, Jonty. Not only has he meticulously planned, re-jiggled and finalised the route, booked, cancelled and re-booked hotels, liaised with supporters, serviced bikes, researched different ways to transport said bikes, planned training sessions, fund-raised, managed a website, considered safety (to list but a few of the tasks required to organise a cycle tour) but he has also been the most amazing mentor, motivator, negotiator, games master and mood swing manager. You truly are wonderful and an inspiration to our girls. Thank you Jonty for being you.

Thank you also to everybody for supporting Isabella along the way and for so generously donating via this website or in person. Isabella and Jonty are so delighted to have raised so much money for their chosen charities.

Particular thanks must be given to the following supporters:

Martha for giving up the WHOLE of your summer holiday to support your sister’s crazy adventure. You are a remarkable young lady. Well done darling girl.

Uncle Nick Nock for cycling, for listening, for your wonderful gentle calmness, for the rib tickling laughter and being the most amazing support to Jonty.

Auntie Kay for your encouraging words of support and for letting us borrow your husband for almost one week!

Grandma and Grandpa who tirelessly supported Jonty and Isabella during a really tough week of cycling, technical issues, rain and motivational challenges. Thank you also for the use of the lovely Vine Cottage, the wedding anniversary celebrations, your hospitality in Exeter and the scrummy chocolate cake and lasagne which are the best in the whole wide world! Oh and for being a self-pronounced pedant!

Granny and Grandad who were chief grand-dog-sitters, teenage girl sympathisers, shoppers and emergency laughter makers!

Great Gran for being you!

Uncle Adsy for all the car and bike maintenance, niece admiration and for being a brilliant sister support giver!

Auntie Jo for being our medical advisor, for chattering and listening, for empathising and for being a brilliant holiday maker.

Hetty and Herbert for the smiles, hugs, Kaka 2 and tractor driving and general cousin love.

Miff Moff for being Tessie’s friend.

The Snells for chatting whilst cycling up a hill and for incentivising Isabella to cycle at pace!

Corinna, Alan, Gemma and Jason for your hospitality in Scotland (you serve the greatest gin and tonics!) and support throughout the whole event.

Floyd for the ball games and wake up calls!

Guy and boys for an evening of merriment in Lancaster.

The Blings and the Logans for making our cheeks ache and our daughters happy.

Clova for being Isabella’s oldest friend.

The Speakmans for the greatest flag waving and double roadside supporting!

Mack for being ‘such a nice man!’, for the JOGLE advice both pre and during the event and being so lovely to and patient with all the Taunton to Exeter cyclists.

Emi, Lisa, Beckie, Gill, Bella, Jo, Liv, Sarah, Anna, Cathy, Glenn and Julie for supporting us during one of the Somerset stages.

Serena, Charlie, Uncle Stan, Uncle Jeff, Jan and Tim Webber for cycling with Isabella.

Auntie Pam, Lily, Ben, Jack, Auntie Jenny, Tom, Polly, Daisy, Izzy, Barb, David King for sharing a picnic and enjoying the play park.

The Hopkins for a wonderful family catch up.

Deb and John for waiting an hour by the side of a road in deepest Cornwall only to miss the cyclists by minutes.

SueB, Gemma, Jon and Ferg for being super Godparents and always supporting Isabella.

Isabella’s friends for keeping in touch and motivating Izzy during her regular social media stops (and whilst riding! - Jonty).

And how could we ever forget Tess? She has patiently travelled around the south west in the back of the car and has been one of the most successful motivators for Isabella. Surely she must have questioned why she was regularly awoken from her slumber to perform such tasks as wiggling her tail on the tow path of a canal or sitting on a beach chair on the side of a road? Well done Tess.

And finally, a huge thank you to Isabella for entertaining us all with your hilarious impersonations, your amazing determination and for inspiring us all to get out and about either on foot or by bike. Well done darling girl!

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