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Day Ten: Goodbye Scotland

Moffat to Carlisle. 45.27 miles. Total: 426.23 miles

Two major milestones were reached today. Firstly, Izzy passed 400 miles as we descended into Ecclefechan and then, about 13 miles later, she crossed into England. 413 miles through Scotland complete - an amazing effort that also means we are a day and a half from being exactly halfway through this epic trip.

The day started with a quick diversion to the wonderful Moffat Toffee Shop; a real throw-back to old sweet shops, with hundreds of jars of all sorts of sweets as well as their famous toffee, fudge and tablet. Purchases made and deposited in the car, we set off south. Martha decided to join us for the morning, which was really lovely and Heidi cycled up from Ecclefechan to join us as well before lunch. The afternoon started with a speedy descent into Ecclefechan, where Izzy tripped the speed trap at 27 mph (and Uncle Nick achieved 29!).

We soon passed the old blacksmith shop at Gretna Green and crossed the bridge into England, which was a wonderful moment in the trip. The remaining miles to Carlisle sped past, apart from a brief detour due to poor map reading again!

Heading to the toffee shop!

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