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Day Seventeen: Speeding to Cheltenham

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Worcester to Gloucester. 34.47 miles. Total: 746.50 miles

After the trials and tribulations of yesterday, today (or this morning to be precise) was something of a breeze. The weather was set fair, the route had a peak height of 61m and there was the incentive of an evening with friends in Cheltenham to drive us on. Consequently, we covered the 34 miles in under 3 hours, at an average speed of 12.74mph (the first time since the ride to Carlisle that our average had topped 10mph). There were highlights along the way. First we came across Dunstall Castle; well, the ruins of the castle anyway. Izzy climbed the ramparts and posed for some pictures before we sped off to meet Mum and Dad for coffee. We then headed south, through lovely Tewkesbury and past the west edge of Cheltenham. Names from our past came thick and fast (Stoke Orchard, Churchdown etc) and we also realised that we were cycling past the stables where the girls used to go pony trekking when small. Rather than heading into Cheltenham, which had been our original plan, we cut across to Gloucester. This route change means that we have reduced tomorrow's total by over 10 miles, which is probably a good thing given that Izzy is with her friend Clova tonight, and we are all in the company of the Blings and Ems! Today also marked the last day of Mum and Dad being our support team. Over the past week they have done a wonderful job: catering for us on the roadside, encouraging us when spirits were flagging, getting spare parts to replace those that were broken or in need of maintenance and generally being brilliant company throughout their time with us. They are now heading back to Exeter for a much needed and very well deserved rest (until we descend on them on Saturday!). Thank you Mum and Dad.

Cycling past Dunstall Castle

Head down...speeding to Cheltenham

The Mum and Dad support team

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