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Day Nine: The stunning Tweed valley, distant memories and Irn Bru!

Penicuik to Moffat. 43.2 miles. Total: 380.9 miles

If you have never travelled from Edinburgh to Moffat, please add it to your bucket list: it is stunning! The road follows the River Tweed and rises inexorably for over 20 miles to the source of the river. As you head over the summit and start the speedy descent to Moffat, the views are utterly awesome - vibrant colours, immense distance and wonderful landscape all perfectly laid out ahead of you (so much so that you sometimes need to remember to occasionally look at the road!)

Three key moments worth recording today. Firstly we had the great pleasure of being joined by Uncle Nick for this and the next four days; we also enjoyed both Martha and Heidi cycling with us during the day, so we were quite a peleton at times. Secondly, we were travelling towards somewhere with vivid childhood memories for me: the Moffat Toffee Shop was the source of annual presents from Dad when he came back from school camping trips in my very early years. Evidently the shop still exists and we will be visiting it before starting south tomorrow - I can't wait, and hope they still sell fudge trains! Finally, I had the bizarre experience of having something thrown at me from a passing car, as we headed up the Tweed valley. On investigating further, it was a half full can of Irn Bru. Luckily, the yobs responsible hit the most padded part of my body, so no damage done, and as Nick pointed out: at least it was a Scottish drink!

Tomorrow, after 10 days, we leave Scotland, which will be quite a milestone!

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