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Day Fourteen: Manchester and on...

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Bury to Winsford. 49.24 miles. Total: 611.55

Much of our journey through Scotland and England has followed routes on the National Cycle Network and I cannot praise the work of this amazing organisation enough: it is brilliant. Today we, once again, experienced some wonderful routes, but also were left frustrated at times as progress was often slow. The morning started grey and we rode a wonderful path along a canal and old railways lines towards Salford. We made good time and the lack of hills was a a blessing, however we then started to wind through central Manchester and out through Hulme. The pace slowed as traffic, lights and roadworks inhibited our progress. The weather also intervened, with an enforced and lengthy lunch stop during a particularly heavy rainstorm. By midday we had only completed 16 of the planned 55 miles route. NCN 62 took us out of Greater Manchester, but did so along increasingly overgrown and muddy tracks, so that when we met Mum and Dad at the 25 mile mark we were already in mid-afternoon. Izzy was also apparently becoming bored by the relatively uninspiring scenery, but she headed on, south over the M56 and M6 before heading towards Northwich. By the time we arrived (with a quick expletive to the idiot Porsche driver who sped past us on the right hand side of the road when we had the temerity to slow his progress by indicating to turn right and pulling out 100m infront of him!), it was clear that reaching Winsford, rather than Nantwich, would be enough for the day. The journey from Northwich to Winsford, along NCN 5, was a lovely run along the banks of the River Weaver - back to the best of the cycle network. Tomorrow we will add the Winsford to Nantwich section to the route to Telford.

Heading off from Bury

NCN6 into Manchester

Interesting architecture in Manchester

NCN5 by the River Weaver

NCN5 by the River Weaver

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